Kelverion Runbook Suite

Azure Marketplace Customzied Offer

Save time and cost with the no-code Kelverion Runbook Suite and harness the power of Azure Automation and over 800 integrations. 

The Kelverion’s Azure Marketplace listing provides a set of pre-defined plans which you can use to purchase Kelverion products and get a production ready automation environment setup in Azure quickly.

Our Runbook Studio Professional and Runbook Studio Professional Plus plans can be combined with the Integration Module or Solution Extension plan to add one additional product to your deployment, for example:

🛠️ Runbook Studio Professional Plan and the Integration and Solution Extension – use the full version of the Runbook Studio to build and manage your Azure Automation Runbooks and add an additional Kelverion Integration Module like ServiceNow to your environment integration and ensuring that you get the most out of your existing Azure infrastructure. 
🚀 Runbook Studio Professional Plus Plan and the Integration and Solution Extension – to initially automate Virtual Machine provisioning and management of VMware and then add the Office 365 Management solution to automate the tasks involved in deploying and managing your O365 infrastructure.

It maybe the case that you are intersted in purchasing multiple Kelverion Integration Modules or Solutions from our range or you want to use our Products across several Subscriptions and wish to contract with us via the Azure Marketplace.

If this is the case then we would be happy to discuss a customized offer to meet your requirements, which we can make available to you via the Azure Marketplace.   Complete the form and tell us about your requirements and which Kelverion products you would be interested in purchasing via the Marketplace and we will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.

Customized Marketplace Offer

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Plus access to over 800 vendor-supported integrations in the PowerShell Gallery


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