Self Service Automation Portal

The Kelverion Automation Portal is a lightweight web application which provides a Self Service Portal dedicated to automating IT service requests.

Download & Trial The Kelverion Automation Portal

Once submitted, you will be redirected to a download link and a 14 day evaluation license key will be sent to your company email address.

Empower End-Users with Self-Service and Automation

The key to achieving any large scale Operational savings is to be able to automatically fulfill Service Requests from your end users. The first step in that journey is to be able to provide to your end users a Self-Service Catalogue of Offerings that they can request from IT. Up until recently the acknowledged approach to this need is to leverage the Service Catalogue capability of the corporate Service Desk but companies are increasingly looking for a Self-Service Catalogue capability which is dedicated to the needs of achieving IT automation, in which they can capture their Customer’s requests and then use the automation platform to integrate those requests back into the corporate Service Desk solution.

Features of the Self-Service Automation Portal

  • Rapid, lightweight deployment
  • Fast click and pick offering creation
  • Rights-based user access
  • Dashboard with live summary of time and costs saved by automation and requests
  • ‘Favorites’ area for the end-user to pin most frequent requests from the service catalogue
  • On-Premise support for High Availability (HA) – via Windows Network Load Balancing (NLB)
  • Simple integration with automation
  • Status updates throughout the automation process