One of the biggest Service Management challenges for any customer is the need to create Incident Tickets in a Service Desk when new failures in the infrastructure are detected.
Typically most automated Alert to Incident Ticket creation solutions, raise all tickets to a single point of contact with a service desk tool. Then it is up to a human to route these to the correct support group, this can make getting the right alert to the right team a challenge. Manually re-directed alerts can often end up being bounced around support teams, until the correct support owner is found. This delays the issue being looked at and puts the service in question ‘at risk’ of failing. Therefore, customers are looking to be more advanced and instead of just raising Incident tickets in their Service Desk they want to automate the routing of these tickets to the correct support group.

With companies increasingly looking to the Azure Automation and OMS offerings from Microsoft they are wondering how to achieve this in a hybrid environment or where they may have multiple Event Management tools they want to consolidate before creating Incident Tickets.

The Routing and Remediation Solution provides Azure Automation Runbooks to automatically route Incident Tickets based on SCOM Alert parameters. The interface is bi-directional so that when the Event is resolved on the EM Tool this is automatically passed back to close the SCOM Alert. It then executes automatic diagnostic and remediation Runbooks to update and ultimately resolve the Incident Ticket without any human interaction.

You can configure the solution re-direction rules within the provided SQL table, to allow you to customise where specific incidents should be directed and at which priority level.

The solution is packaged as a completely new offering so it can be installed by existing System Center Orchestrator customers. This allows them time to migrate across to the new solution once they have it configured.

Solution Features:

  • Event forwarding
  • Automatic Incident Ticket creation
  • Automatic update of the SCOM Event to record
  • The Service Desk Ticket ID
  • Monitoring of the target Service Desk in order to automatically resolve the original Operations Manager Event once the Event is Resolved on the target system
  • Provides the ability to route tickets to correct support group
  • Provides the ability to run diagnostics for known issues and updates the Incident Ticket with the results
  • Provides the ability to automatically trigger remediation for known issues

The Runbooks can be customised to forward Events from other EM Tools into SCOM for customers whose primary Event Management Tool is SCOM.

The runbook has been written using the Runbook Studio authoring application and leverages the integration and smart discovery capabilities provided by the Integration Modules for ServiceNow and SQL Server. These Integration Modules are also available in the PowerShell Gallery.

The Runbook Package includes the Routing and Remediation Deployment guide, Runbook Studio runbook file and the SQL Server schema.

To configure the Routing and Remediation runbooks please download the Kelverion Runbook Studio here


The solution is delivered as a Kelverion lead installation and configuration. In this option, you provide Kelverion with remote access to your environment and then a Kelverion consultant will lead the installation and configuration of the solution into your environment and you will provide the subject matter expertise around your Service Desk configuration.

Up to 16 hours of services delivery is included, valid for 12 months from solution purchase to assist with the deployment of this solution