The Kelverion Integration Pack for Nagios XI is a compliant integration for Microsoft System Center Orchestrator. The Integration Pack supports the XI variant of Nagios.
Nagios now provides two integration APIs a legacy SOAP and a new REST API. We have two versions of the Nagios Integration Pack available; a legacy version and a REST API variant.

This Integration Pack provides pre-defined integration and automation capabilities associated with Nagios XI activities, including monitoring, getting and acknowledging system status.

This Integration Pack delivers a range of re-usable objects to automate IT functions such as:

  • Automation Diagnostics – Automate the monitoring of the event management system for new events ad then conduct first level diagnostics.

  • Manager of Managers – Consolidate disparate event management streams into a single event management tool to provide a single pane of glass view.

  • As Nagios XI is a state based system the primary use case is for Nagios to feed other Event Management systems or Service Desks.

Nagios XI Activities

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