The Kelverion Integration Pack for Clarity SDM (formally known as CA Service Desk Manager) is a compliant integration for the Microsoft System Center Orchestrator IT Process Automation Solution.

The Integration Packs supports Clarity Service Desk Manager r12, r14 and r17.

This Integration Pack provides pre-defined integration and automation capabilities associated with Clarity Service Desk Manager objects types:

• Activity Log

• Announcement

• Change Order

• Configuration Item

• Request

• Contact

• Department

• Incident

• Issue

• Location

• Organization

• Problem

• Site


This Integration Pack enables users to create, update, get and delete objects in Clarity Service Desk.


  • Create Object – activity dynamically creates new Clarity Service Desk objects using standard or customised Clarity Service Desk forms.

  • Get Objects – activity returns objects meeting specific filter conditions.

  • Update Object – activity updates update one or more attributes of a specific object.

  • Update Status – activity updates the status of Issue, Request, Incident, Problem or Change Order objects.

  • Close Ticket – activity closes a ticket in Clarity Service Desk. This activity generates a Clarity Service Desk activity log.

  • Monitor Objects – monitor for new or updated Clarity Service Desk objects.

  • Log Activity – activity creates an activity log for an Issue, Request, Incident, Problem or Change Order.

  • Create Attachment – activity uploads and attaches a file to a specified Clarity Service Desk object.

  • Create CI – activity creates. a new Service Desk asset or CI object of a specified class.

  • Get CI Details – activity retrieves detailed information about a specific Clarity Service Desk CI object.

  • Update CI – activity updates an existing Service Desk assert or CI object instance.

Activities subscribe and publish data to the Orchestrator databus.

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