Cloud Automation Suite

The Cloud Automation Suite covers Kelverion's products and solutions to extend and enhance Microsoft's Azure Automation service.  The suite consists of 4 product areas: 

- Runbook Studio Graphical Authoring 

- Smart Integration Modules 

- Automation Portal for Azure

- Automation Solutions for Azure Automation

The all new Kelverion Runbook Studio provides rich graphical authoring of Azure Automation Runbooks without the need for a permanent internet connection or detailed PowerShell knowledge. The Studio also provides the ability to configure Kelverion Integration Modules with Smart Discovery for both Orchestrator SMA and PowerShell.

The Runbook Studio supports both standard PowerShell Modules and Kelverion Integration Modules with Smart Discovery.

The Integration Modules currently released by Kelverion are as follows:

- Integration Module for Atlassian Jira

- Integration Module for ServiceNow

- Integration Module for Microsoft SQL Server

- Integration Module for BMC Remedy

- Integration Module for BMC Atrium

- Integration Module for Oracle

- Integration Module for Web Automation

The Kelverion Automation Portal initially developed for System Center Orchestrator is now available as a Web App to run in Azure to provide easy data input for automated processes.

The pre-built Automation Solutions, authored in the Runbook Studio, available for download are:

- Operations Management Suite (OMS) to ServiceNow

- Operations Manager Routing & Remediation for Azure

 The Integration Modules currently in development are as follows:

- Integration Module for EasyVista