The VM Provisioning and Management Solution enables users to create and manage Virtual Machine instances in the cloud from a Service Request Portal, automated via Microsoft Azure Automation With Cloud computing technology so readily available the challenges that we once had when trying to set up a virtual infrastructure have almost been removed. But what happens when the ease of access surpasses the requirement for a working knowledge of the setup and management of a proper IT infrastructure and we end up in a free for all where VM’s and other processes are built with no control, security or management by IT?

With our VM Provisioning and Management solution you can provide a controlled environment for users to create and manage their Virtual Machines without the risk of giving users unrestricted access into the cloud infrastructure.

The solution provides a simple and flexible interface which prompts the user for required information to provision a virtual machine, while remaining tightly constrained so that the users can only deploy the resources that you want in a pre-approved configuration, giving you ultimate control over what your users are doing and how. The simplicity of the portal also means that the users do not need any specific scripting knowledge to provision a VM, such as that required when dealing with the base Azure Portal or any understanding of the complexity of the cloud resources that are required before they deploy the virtual machines.

The integration solution is modular and easy to extend. Using the framework that the solution provides, the solution is extendable to deploy and manage on-premise virtual machine, or VM’s hosted in different cloud providers from a single easy to use portal.

New Virtual Machines are added to the Portal CMDB or could be created in your own CMDB such as BMC Atrium or ServiceNow.


  • Self-Service Management Portal
  • Modular Runbooks to simplify support and extensibility
  • Provisioning of a full range of Microsoft Azure Images
  • Management of provisioned VM’s
  • Consistent and reliable provision of VM’s.
  • Management of VM’s across multiple subscriptions
  • Scheduling of future deployments or management actions


The solution is delivered as a Kelverion lead installation and configuration. In this option, you provide Kelverion with remote access to your environment and then a Kelverion consultant will lead the installation and configuration of the solution into your environment and you will provide the subject matter expertise around your Service Desk configuration.

Up to 32 hours of services delivery is included, valid for 12 months from solution purchase to assist with the deployment of this solution