The Kelverion Integration Pack (IP) for Text Manipulation is a compliant integration for the Microsoft System Center Orchestrator IT Process Automation Solution. This Integration Pack enables users to perform a variety of text manipulation tasks such as; splitting, joining and comparing text; providing a complete set of easy to use activities to perform text functions which can be difficult to achieve using the Orchestrator native published data manipulation functions.


Orchestrator is part of Microsoft System Center suite, which provides solutions to manage both Microsoft and non-Microsoft Infrastructure covering event management, configuration management, data protection, virtual machine management, service management and IT Process Automation.
Orchestrator enables dynamic datacenters and is a key component in the delivery of Cloud Computing capabilities.


  • Compare Text – compares 2 or more text inputs.

  • Contains Text – checks for a text fragment.

  • Decode Text – converts base-64 encoded text into binary data.

  • Encode Text – converts binary data to a base-64 encoded text.

  • Ends With – checks text ends with a specified suffix.

  • Extract Text – extracts a text fragment.

  • Insert Text – inserts a text fragment.

  • Join Text – joins two or more text inputs.

  • Lowercase Text – converts some text to lowercase.

  • Pad Text – pads input text to gain a desired length.

  • Regex Match – matches to a regular expression.

  • Regex Replace – replaces a fragment in input text that matches a specified regular expression.

  • Regex Split – split some input text into fragments using a specified regular expression.

  • Remove Text – removes a text fragment.

  • Replace Text – replaces a text fragment.

  • Reverse Text – reverses input text.

  • Split Text – splits input text into fragments.

  • Starts With – checks text starts with a specified prefix.

  • Text Length – determines the length of input text.

  • Trim Text – trims leading / trailing whitespace.

  • Uppercase Text – converts input text to Uppercase.

Activities subscribe and publish data to the Orchestrator databus

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