Microsoft System Center Orchestrator Automation for ServiceNow

The Kelverion Integration pack for Service Now enables you to integrate the full functionality of your ServiceNow Service Desk with Microsoft System Center, helping you improve the functionality of your IT infrastructure.

With two different integrations available, one for the Single Object Access Protocol (SOAP) API and one for the Representational State Transfer (REST) API our solution works with any ServiceNow variation so you are guaranteed to be able to improve and streamline your Service Desk automation no matter what your set up is.

The IPs enable users to create, update, retrieve and delete records in ServiceNow.

They deliver a range of re-usable activities to automate IT Functions such as:

  • Service Desk – create service records from a wide range of enterprise management tools or custom sources.
  • Monitor Service Records – monitor for new or changed service records to automate the diagnostic/remediation process.
  • Configuration Management – to initiate automated changes and transform and populate Remedy data into CMDBs or Asset Systems.

The ServiceNow integration delivers the following Activities:.

  • Create Record – activity dynamically creates new ServiceNow records using standard or customized ServiceNow forms.
  • Get Record – activity returns records meeting specific filter conditions.
  • Update Record – activity updates specific records.
  • Delete Record – activity deletes specific records.
  • Monitor Record – monitor for new or updated ServiceNow records.
  • Upload Attachment – activity uploads attachment to ServiceNow record.
  • Download Attachment – activity downloads attachment from ServiceNow record.
  • Import Set – activity inserts a record into a ServiceNow import set table.
  • Run Query – retrieves records from a ServiceNow table using a ServiceNow encoded query string.
  • Run Scripted Web Service – runs a ServiceNow scripted web service (Only in SOAP IP).

Activities subscribe and publish data to the Orchestrator databus.

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