IT Process Automation is a very new subject to many IT Professionals and using ITPA tools is not just as easy as install them and then learn on the job.  Each ITPA tool is fully customizable to support the business process you wish to implement so they largely start as a blank sheet of paper.

To help IT Professionals learn the tools Kelverion provide a range of training courses and we can offer bespoke training offering based around specific customer requirements.

Kelverion are also very aware that a training course is only as good as the skills and experience of the trainer in using the tool in the real world.  This is why all our training courses are delivered by our Professional Services staff, who can not only tell you how the tool works but also bring real world examples into our training courses.

We can offer both on-site and web based training courses so you can tailor your training to your own business needs.  We are also able to provide bespoke courses for specific customer requirements.

Training Courses

Orchestrator training

Kelverion provides an on-site 2 day training course on implementing Orchestrator and using the runbook designer to build your own runbooks. This is an instructor led course with lab exercises.

Orchestrator Onsite Training Overview

Orchestrator Web Based Training

Kelverion provides an Orchestrator web based training course.  The course is made up of a number of modules and can be under taken over a series of dates and times.

The modules are:

  •     Orchestrator Overview  (1hr)
  •     Orchestrator Installation  (1hr)
  •     Introduction to the Orchestrator Development Client & build your first runbook  (2 hrs)
  •     Orchestrator Runbooks in More Depth  (2 hrs)
  •     Working with Orchestrator Runbooks  (2 hrs)
  •     Learn Orchestrator Lab Excercies – Introduction. Email Q&A. Lab Review  (2 hrs)
  •     Opalis to Orchestrator Migration (1hr)
  •     Introduction to the Kelverion Integration Packs and Utilities  (1 hr)

Orchestrator Web Training Overview