Orchestrator Web Training Courses

The Kelverion Orchestrator Web Based training course comprises a series of instructor led web conference modules which both talk about and demonstrate various aspects of using Orchestrator and designing Runbooks.

The individual modules lead on from each other and assume the student has completed the other modules in the series.

On completion of the series every aspect of Orchestrator needed to create a Runbook has been covered.  Students will be able to create, analyse and modify Runbooks.

Courses aimed at:

Anyone who will be creating and building workflows and Runbooks in Orchestrator.

Attendee Skill Set:

  • Experience with standard computing systems including file storage, networking and internet technologies.
  • A general knowledge of Microsoft Core Technologies
  • Working knowledge of databases

Module: SCOWeb_01 Orchestrator Overview

Duration: 1hr
Module Content:

  • What is IT Process Automation?
  • What is Orchestrator?
  • Orchestrator Architecture
  • Introduction to Process Documentation

Module: SCOWeb_02 Orchestrator Installation

Duration: 1/2 hr
Module Content:

  • How to Install Orchestrator and the Integration Packs 

Module: SCOWeb_03 Introduction to the Orchestrator Development Client & build your first Runbook

Duration: 2 hrs
Module Content:

  • Development Client Overview
  • Build your First Runbook

Module: SCOWeb_04 Orchestrator Runbooks in More Depth

Duration: 2 hrs
Module Content:

  • Object Categories
  • Branching and Conditional Links
  • Naming Links
  • Using Variables
  • Understanding Published Data
  • Understanding Failover Functionality
  • Import & Export Runbooks
  • Testing Runbooks

Module: SCOWeb_05 Working with Orchestrator Runbooks

Duration: 2 hrs
Module Content:

  • User Communications
  • Monitoring Target Systems
  • Files & Text
  • System Tools
  • Data Manipulation
  • Working with Unix
  • Orchestrator Utilities
  • Workflow Control

Module: SCOWeb_06 Upgrading from Opalis to Orchestrator

Duration: 1 hr
Module Content:

  • What is the upgrade process
  • What do you need to think about and change in your Opalis policies before upgrading

Module: SCOWeb_07N Learn Orchestrator Lab Exercises – self study

Duration: 1 1/2 hrs
Module Content:

  • Instructor Introduction (30 mins)
  • Email Q&A
  • Lab Review (1 hr)

Module: SCOWeb_08 Introduction to the Kelverion Integration Packs and Utilities

Duration: 1 hr
Module Content:

  • What they are and how they add value
  • Database IP
  • Runbook Surveyor
  • Custom Application IP
  • Data Manipulation IP