Kelverion’s services team have implemented some of the world’s biggest IT Process Automation implementations. They have automated processes as diverse as event management to event management system interconnection, desktop refresh to full life cycle management of virtual and physical machine provision.

Each implementation is built around our best practices for successful IT Process Automation installation and operation so you get all the experience and learning employed directly to your project giving you a jump start and firm foundation for your implementation.

Kelverion provides full lifecycle of implementation services from high level and low level design, through software configuration, workflow development, testing and support.

Kelverion also offers a jump start services engagement where we provide you with the best practice architecture design and methodology on top of which your own staff then build your process workflows.

IT Process Automation requires a different approach to enterprise tool deployment and focuses on the cross silo processes and data mappings required. That said, for successful implementation experience of enterprise management tools, their capabilities and deployment is critical.

Our Services team have experience in BMC, HP, CA, Microsoft, VM Ware and IBM management technologies to name but a few.

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