Requesting the installation of new software and the fulfilment of that request in an Enterprise setting is a time consuming, labour intensive and slow process.

It typically involves the User raising a call into a helpdesk to log the software request, the request is then processed and allocated to an IT resource who can identify the correct Groups to apply to the Users machine and then it’s necessary to wait for the software deployment technology to push out the software when it’s next deployment cycle starts, this alone typically takes 24hrs.

As a result of this time consuming process many IT Departments choose to pre-load machines with many software titles just in case a User may potentially need them.

This means that Enterprises deploy and license software that the bulk of the users may not ever actually use but it’s been paid for none the less.

The Kelverion Self Service Software Provisioning Solution allows users to request the installation or removal of a software title on their machine via a Self Service Portal. This request will be fulfilled using System Center Orchestrator.

We also recognize that for some customers using the Self Service capability of their Service Desk product is either to complex and time consuming or not feature reach. Therefore our solution now leverages the power of the Kelverion Automation Portal to drive the solution from a light weight HTML5 web portal.
Automatic software installation also allows the IT Departments to pre-load machines with just the minimum of software packages and let the end user add only the software they actually need to do their job, reducing the enterprises software licensing budget.

This is a fully adaptable offering which is easily extendable to use your own third party Service Catalogue or Change Request System such as BMC Remedy, ServiceNow, CA Service Desk Manager or HP Service Manager to initiate the process.

The flexibility of the solution also allows you to host the Service Catalogue in the Automation Portal and then drive the Change Process via your existing Service Desk.

This Orchestrator driven solution delivers a number of fully automated functions:

  • Create and delete entries in your Software Catalogue of available Software Titles via a Self Service Portal.

  • Users can Request to Install or Uninstall any of the Software Titles listed in the Software Catalogue.

  • Automatically assign the Software Request to the necessary People or Group so that an Installation or Uninstallation can be approved.

  • Automatically Install or Uninstall the software once the request is approved.

This Automation Solution requires the following Kelverion Integration Packs:

  • Integration Pack for SQL Server.

  • Integration Pack for Runbook Management.

  • Integration Pack for Data Manipulation


The solution is delivered as a Kelverion lead installation and configuration. In this option, you provide Kelverion with remote access to your environment and then a Kelverion consultant will lead the installation and configuration of the solution into your environment and you will provide the subject matter expertise around your SCCM, and Active Directory infrastructure configuration.

Up to 40 hours of services delivery is included, valid for 12 months from solution purchase to assist with the deployment of this solution


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