The Integration Module for Web Automation provides a set of ready built activities for interacting with web pages from within Azure Automation and the Kelverion Runbook Studio. These are forms driven activities which allows you to define operations within a Web Browser to simulate a human interaction with the web application.

The Integration Module enables automation to interact with any web page or web application including:

  • In house built applications whose interface is via web browser
  • Commercial products whose only interface is via a web browser
  • B2B Vendor Sites to place orders for new devices, services, support tickets etc.
  • Public or Vendor website containing data you want to integrate into an automated process i.e. patch download
  • Publish data into web sites via page creation forms i.e. intranet updates, wiki, service announcements, dashboard updates etc.

The Integration Module activities can also be leveraged within any PowerShell script which needs to interact with a web browser.

The Integration Module allows Azure Automation to become a rich Robotic Process Automation platform delivering full application to application data extract, transfer and entry via their respective web interfaces. This enables Azure Automation to deliver those key RPA task automations such as:

  • Contract setup
  • Statement processing approval
  • Report staging
  • Auditing
  • Reconciliations

To take full advantage of Kelverion Integration Module for Web Automation please review the Kelverion Runbook Studio authoring application here, where you will be able to download a free trial.
As a runbook designer you no longer need to be an expert in the target system to build Azure Automation Runbooks, significantly reducing build time and increasing supportability of your automation solutions.

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