The Kelverion Integration Module for Oracle provides significantly improved capabilities and an enhanced user experience over writing native Oracle interaction via PowerShell in Azure Automation Runbooks. Using Kelverion smart discovery the Integration Module interrogates the Oracle instance and discovers the databases, their structure and properties.

Oracle database interaction includes:

  • Provides SQL script free interaction with Oracle

  • Simplifies Runbook design by automatically mapping table columns to Azure Automation input properties, filters and published data items.

Provides ready built activities to: 

  • Select , Insert, Delete, Update Rows
  • Invoke an Oracle Stored Procured

The Integration Module supports Oracle 11g Releases 1 & 2 and Oracle 12c.
To take full advantage of Kelverion Integration Module for Oracle please review the Kelverion Runbook Studio authoring application here, where you will be able to download a free trial.

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