Within Systems Center Orchestrator, a user often needs to be assured that a Runbook is continually in a ‘running’ state, unless stopped intentionally. The consequences of a Runbook stopping, as a result of human error or ‘environmental blip’, can be costly and skew the measure of the ‘real effectiveness’ of the Runbook. Additionally, the developer needs to both manage the monitoring of the Runbook ‘status’ and the ability to automate the restart of a Runbook, if required. Another requirement sought by customers and developers is the ability to perform automated stopping of a Runbook or multiple Runbooks for a given scenario.

The Kelverion ‘Runbook Management’ Integration Pack provides the answer to achieving these goals effectively. The ‘Runbook Management’ Integration Pack (RM IP) uses Orchestrator activities without the need of external scripts. The RM IP is an Integration Pack that enables the user to easily retrieve the status of Runbook jobs as well as stop and start Runbooks themselves.


  • Get Runbook Jobs –  activity returns the Runbook ID for a given Runbook.

  • Start Runbook –  activity starts a given Runbook.

  • Get Runbooks –  activity returns the status for a given Runbook.

  • Stop Runbook Job –  activity stops a given Runbook.

  • Get Events –  activity retrieves information about the events based on the filter criteria.

  • Monitor Events –  activity detects newly created or updated events.

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