Surviving Patch Tuesday

How automation saves you from patching problems

Every configuration administrator looks forward to Patch Tuesday with equal parts anticipation and dread.


On the one hand, you have the certainty that vital updates and patches will regularly show up on your doorstep ready to deploy. On the other, without some careful intervention, you just might find a patch takes your entire server estate offline–all at the same time.


A little downtime may be no big deal for a single laptop user (nice chance to grab a coffee) or, if an update should go completely wrong, a virtual desktop can be rolled back to the last stable configuration. However, you’re going to have an issue if your database server and all the applications depending on it are suddenly offline.


And what if an error or failure creeps into the picture? You need to know about that right away and you’d better have a plan of action ready to roll.


So how do you survive Patch Tuesday with both a solution and your sanity?


Download our E-book on How automation closes the patching gap below and discover how.

How automation closes the patching gap