What are Automation Solutions?

Kelverion have been producing Integration Packs to extend and enhance System Center Orchestrator for over 8 years and we now have over 35 Integration Packs and utilities to make Orchestrator easier to use, but Orchestrator still installs as a blank canvas for you to build your own automations in.

Increasingly companies have been approaching us and saying we need to do this, surely you’ve done this before? Haven’t you got something you have already built we can reuse?

We have therefore identified the top uses cases we are asked for and the functionality our customers have requested and have used our Orchestrator expertise to create a set of Ready Build Automation Solutions.

Automation Solutions range in price from $4,000 to $8,000 per customer and require specific Kelverion Integration Packs which the solution installer checks for.  

The solutions available today are:    

  • Ticket and DevOps Sychronisation
  • VM Provisioning and Management Solution
  • CMDB Population Solution
  • New User Onboarding Solution
  • Self-Service Software Provision
  • Operations Manager Routing & Remediation Solution
  • Operations Manager Connectors
  • Operations Manager 2007 to 2012 Connector
  • PowerShell Runbooks
  • SQL Performance Diagnostics
  • Automated Patching

The solutions come as packaged content which utilise supported Microsoft & Kelverion IPs.

The solutions are available for evaluation on request:

Via the Evaluation Form

Request to

New packages will be announced as they become available.

IT Process Automation Solutions

Kelverion helps organisations realise operational benefits through automation of manual repetitive IT processes.  Support teams are under constant pressure to be more agile, react faster and support distributed applications and are often laden with having to respond to the same issues or perform same simple manual tasks on a regular basis.

  • IT Process Automation solutions deliver up to 30% annual operational cost savings as well as solving the long running issue and cost impact of integrating data and process from disparate operations and service management tools from best of breed or suite vendors such as CA, BMC, Microsoft, HP and IBM.

Kelverion is constantly developing new Integration Packs and solutions to make the automation of IT processes easier and faster to implement and support.