Website User Experience Checks Solution

Automated Synthetic Transaction Checks for Web Sites

With the number of people searching a company’s digital profile before engaging with them rising dramatically and the massive uptake of online shopping, the need for a high quality and quick loading webpage is becoming increasingly more important.

The reliability and responsiveness of the website is critical to gaining and retaining customers. With recent research showing that 40% of web traffic will drop off a site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds, the potential for lost revenue is astronomical and the damage to your company brand as a whole is intangible.

To get around this, many web developers and marketers put a lot of time and effort into optimising a company’s digital presence, using a complex set of different tools and site plug ins to try gauge the best user experience, often creating more problems than they can solve.

The challenge for any IT team is monitoring the status and performance of their web estate.

There are external web page monitoring solutions available, but they come with their own limitations;

- They require complex technical setup

- Must be configured per URL to be checked

- Are conducted using synthetic probes so don’t reflect real browser performance nor do they detect specific browser issues

- Tests are typically performed from the internet so don’t reflect the performance your staff will see when accessing intranet sites


The Web Page Checker solution from Kelverion streamlines this process and takes the monitoring of your web sites and resources to the next level using a simple and flexible approach to gathering Key Performance metrics. The checks are true end-user experience checks using our Web Automation Robotic module to open the web pages using a real browser, executing from one or many locations using either machines deployed in the cloud, or on premises.

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