OMS to ServiceNow Runbook

Graphical Runbook for Azure Automation

This runbook solution will take alerts from Microsoft Operations Management Suite and Create an Incident for each alert within your Service-Now instance. Each of the alerts is stored in a database to simplify troubleshooting, and to allow the reconciliation of alert and incident data.

The runbook is a flexible alternative to the OMS alert functionality and is fully documented as a tutorial to illustrate automation of multiple processes with any ServiceNow table.

The runbook has been written using the Runbook Studio authoring application and leverages the integration and smart discovery capabilities provided by the Integration Modules for ServiceNow and SQL Server.  These Integration Modules are also available in the PowerShell Gallery.

The Runbook Package includes the OMS to ServiceNow user guide, Runbook Studio runbook file and the SQL Server schema.

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To configure the OMS to ServiceNow runbook please download the Kelverion Runbook Studio here


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