Automation for VMware Provisioning

Until now for or companies who have upgraded their VMware vSphere estate to version 6.0 and were looking to automate vSphere with System Center 2012 and 2016 Orchestrator their only integration option was to use Power CLI.   Although integration in vSphere using Power CLI was possible the commands were complex to execute from within Orchestrator.

The VMware vSphere Integration Pack from Kelverion simplifies the whole integration and automation challenge of vSphere from within Orchestrator by providing a set of robust forms Integration Pack Activities.

The Integration Pack for VMware vSphere is a compliant integration for the Microsoft System Center 2012 and 2016 Orchestrator IT Process Automation Solution.

The Integration Pack enables pre-defined integration and automation capabilities associated with provisioning and managing VMware vSphere Virtual Machines.

This Integration Pack supports vSphere 6.0 and 6.5.

VMware vSphere Activities


Add VM Device

Add new device to an existing VM. Device types are; CD / DVD Drive, Disk Drive, NIC

Create VM

Configure and create a new VM

Create VM From Template

Create a new VM based on an existing VM template

Delete VM

Permanently delete a VM from a Datastore or to remove a VM from the inventory

Get vSphere Object

Retrieve information about various objects in vSphere. 

Object types supported are;

Cluster Compute Resource, Compute Resource, Datacenter, Datastore, Folder, Guest OS, Host, Network, NIC Option, Resource Pool, VM, VM Device, VM Guest Info and VM Status

Move VM

Move a VM to another Folder, resource pool, datastore, host or datacenter.

Restart VM

Restart a VM. Allows the options to reboot  the Guest OS (soft restart) or VM power will be reset (hard restart)

Set Custom Attribute

Set a custom attribute value for a VM or host.

Start VM

Start a stopped or suspended VM

Stop VM

Stop a running or suspended VM

Suspend VM

Suspend a running VM

Update VM

Update properties or device properties of an existing VM.  Technology areas which can be updated are;

CD/DVD Drive, CPU, Disk Drive, Memory, NIC, VM Properties

The Integration Pack delivers a range of re-usable objects to automate IT-Functions such as:

Automated Provisioning: Automate the creation of resources in VMware directly from Service Requests or automated resource scaling.  Retire resources so stopping the billing and reclaim licenses for re-use.

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