Manipulating Data for use on Orchestrator Published Data

The Kelverion Integration Pack for Data Manipulation is a compliant integration for the Microsoft System Center Orchestrator IT Process Automation Solution. This Integration Pack enables users to easily manipulate input data or compose output data to / from Orchestrator Published Data.

Workflow designers frequently encounter the need to extract and consume embedded text and data obtained from external sources that use custom formats such as XML or CSV. Similarly, in order to communicate with an external system, it is often necessary to compose detailed textual information using data obtained from the Orchestrator data bus.

Currently these tasks are difficult to accomplish as you need to build a custom object or series of objects each time to you need to work with different data formats. This not only requires development level skills but also introduces duplication into your workflows and results in solutions that are overly complicated, fragile and difficult to support.

The Kelverion Data Manipulation Integration Pack provides workflow designers with highly customizable activities that not only provide the capability to parse manipulate and compose detailed textual information but also to present this data as individual items on the published databus.  The IP activities have the ability to be inserted into any workflow and integrate seamlessly with the Orchestrator data bus.

Microsoft System Center Orchestrator

Orchestrator is part of Microsoft System Center suite, which provides solutions to manage both Microsoft and non-Microsoft Infrastructure covering event management, configuration management, data protection, virtual machine management, service management and IT Process Automation.

Orchestrator enables dynamic datacenters and is a key component in the delivery of Cloud Computing capabilities.

IP Activities

Parse Text – parse a text (xml, html or text) file and provide the parsed data as Orchestrator Published Data.
Compose Text – composes text (xml, html or text) from Published Data inputs.
JSON to XML - convert JSON formatted text to XML
XML to JSON - convert XML text into JSON text
Apply XSLT – parse XML text to XSL transformation

Activities subscribe and publish data to the Orchestrator databus.

The Kelverion Data Manipulation Integration Pack is a powerful addition to Microsoft System Center Orchestrator that makes parsing and composing textual data fast, simple and maintainable.


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