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System Center 2019 Release date confirmed!

As providers of Microsoft System Center Automation solutions, one of the most common questions we get when talking to customers about System Center is ‘what is the future of System Center?’ closely followed by ‘how long will it be supported for?’ Understandably as with all software the concern is that the investment made into System Center integration will be wasted due to short term support or a short product life cycle. Thankfully the support available has always been long dated and the...

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Kelverion Runbook Suite

Automation Made Intuitive  We are very excited to officially launch the Kelverion Runbook Suite, an array of products that help to transform your cloud automation by providing easy to use, intuitive software and integration modules that redesign your cloud automation experience. Our Runbook Suite is made up of four branches of our products and services, which when used together intertwine with one another to provide a seamless end-to-end experience that work to improve upon your...

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Kelverion Virtual Machine Provisioning and Management Solution

We're excited to announce that our latest Azure solution, Virtual Machine (VM) Provisioning and Management has now gone live and has been released into the world. The Kelverion VM Provisioning and Management solution improves our offering for the Azure cloud automation space, and sits within the Kelverion Runbook Suite group of products. With our VM Provisioning and Management solution customers can provide a controlled environment for their users to create and manage Virtual Machines without...

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