This solution area focuses on automating the manual IT processes driven by Service Desk agents and resolver groups. Traditionally, the Service Desk provides the workflow moving work between queues and internal or outsourced teams. IT Service Automation works with the Service Desk workflow and existing enterprise tools to perform those manual tasks, freeing up your staff for higher value activities.

Working with the Orchestrator component of Microsoft System Center and our partners and customers globally, we have delivered a range of solutions to automate the most common IT Service Automation processes. Kelverion has extended the Orchestrator platform with over 40 Integrations and prebuilt automation solutions.

Typical automation solutions include:

  • Event management, diagnostics and remediation.
  • Self Service request provisioning of users and rights.

  • Virtual Machine and software request provisioning and management.

  • Patching of the infrastructure.

  • Daily tasks.

  • Synchronising tickets between development and operations.

  • Populating and updating the CMDB.

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