We’re excited to announce that our latest Azure solution, Virtual Machine (VM) Provisioning and Management has now gone live and has been released into the world.

The Kelverion VM Provisioning and Management solution improves our offering for the Azure cloud automation space, and sits within the Kelverion Runbook Suite group of products.

With our VM Provisioning and Management solution customers can provide a controlled environment for their users to create and manage Virtual Machines without the risk of giving users unrestricted access into the cloud infrastructure.

This Solution delivers the following features

  • Self-Service Management Portal
  • To simplify support and extensibility Runbooks Modular
  • Provisioning of a full range of Microsoft Azure Images
  • Management of provisioned VM’s
  • Consistent and reliable provision of virtual machine
  • Management of VM’s across multiple subscriptions
  • Scheduling of future deployments or management actions


For more information on this new solution please take a look through the links below

Website Link

Download the Product Guide

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